Riyadh Front


11 AM - 12 AM


29 Sep-8 Oct, 2022


Cultural Program

Various cultural and literary seminars, as well as poetry evenings featuring elite Nabati and Al Fasih poets, which will be held on the main stage and the talk platform of the Riyadh International Book Fair.


Child's Pavilion

This pavilion is concerned with everything related to children’s culture and the activities directed to them in a way that helps promote their growth and develop their skills within an entertaining and educational framework, with the help of a group of experts in the field of child culture.



Workshops are presented by a number of specialists on a daily basis in the fields of art, reading, writing, publishing, bookmaking, and translation, which aim to hone skills and spread knowledge awareness to visitors of the Riyadh International Book Fair.


Accompanying Events

The Riyadh International Book Fair is accompanied by many qualitative cultural events and programs that target all segments of society and form a cultural window highlighting the Saudi culture to the world and giving the world access to Saudi culture.